Do you have any cool camping photos you would like to share with us?

I'm sure you have some camping photos somewhere that you would like to share. Maybe some fun and colorful ones?

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Some folks write down their adventures, experiences and memorable moments in a diary or book. And others, like myself, like to document those memories with a camera.

It doesn't matter if you have a professional SLR camera or you use the camera on your cell phone. Just take a photo!

Flowers in the La Plata Mountains.

Here are some photo ideas.

The photos you submit don't necessarily need to be taken at your campsite.

  • Take a colorful landscape shot? 
  • Or, maybe you witnessed a beautiful sunset? 
  • Did you catch a big fish while camping?
  • Took a shot of your dog jumping into the lake? 
  • Were your kids covered in mud? 
  • What is that delicious meal you're grilling over an open fire?
  • Hanging out with friends?

The possibilities for camping photos are endless.

Messaging before cell phones.

5 Quick & Easy Tips for taking great camping photos.

When I take photos there are a few things I look for before I press the shutter button. They are only simple steps but doing any of these can make a big difference in photo quality.

  1. Get in close. Rather that using the zoom on your camera walk up to your object and fill the frame before taking the shot. (DO NOT do this if you are photographing a Bear with her cubs!) and (Let's not forget about the lady that tried to take a selfie with a Bison in Yellowstone last summer.)
  2. When photographing an object, pay close attention to what's in the background. Example: Landscape photos can sometimes be ruined if there are vapor trails from airplanes in them.
  3. Use the "Rule of Thirds." Example: When taking a landscape photo rather than having "1/2 sky and 1/2 horizon", instead take the photo with say, "1/3 sky and 2/3 horizon." Or, place an object or person in the lower 1/3 portion of the photo. This can make the photo much more dramatic and interesting.
  4. How many colors are in the photo? Try for at least five colors. Rather than having only a green forest with a blue sky see if you can add a person with a red sweater. Maybe a colorful tent. Some snow or colorful flowers will work too.
  5. Most of the time photos turn out much better if they are taken with your back to the sun. The sky will be more blue and people's faces won't turn out dark.

It's always fun to experiment while taking photos. Play around with your camera and have some fun.

Keep in mind the largest photo you can post is 1 MB or about 800 X 600. If your photo is larger then go to to re-size it. It's a great free program that allows you to do other photo editing as well. 

If you're not ready to submit any camping photos just yet, you can click on this link and head back to the Home Page.

Have A Great Camping Photo to Share?

Please share any of your cool camping photos with us.

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Camping along the Slate River near Crested Butte Not rated yet
Camping and fly-fishing along the Slate River near Crested Butte Colorado.

Blue Lake in the Raggeds Wilderness Not rated yet
Blue Lake in the Raggeds Wilderness near Crested Butte Colorado.

La Sal Mountains Not rated yet
View from Mt. Peale (12,721 ft) towards Castle Valley in the La Sal Mountains, Utah.

Blooming Cactus Not rated yet
Blooming Cactus at our campsite in Canyonlands Utah.

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