Learn how to make a fire at your campsite safely and easily by following these simple steps.

With a few important steps you can easily make a fire. Don’t find yourself blowing into the base of a campfire until you’re so dizzy you can’t stand up.

Or, maybe your eyes end up red and burning from those big doses of smoke.

Even with the use of modern lighters and matches you may still find yourself struggling with how to make a campfire.

Whether the next campfire is for warmth, cooking or the camping ambiance, by reading trough these how to build a campfire sections, we hope the next camping trip will be a safe and memorable one.

In the following pages we’ll cover several important topics such as:

Campfire safety:

The first most important topic is campfire safety. You’ll discover where not to make a fire.

Are there open flame restrictions in effect? Are there tree branches overhead? Is there enough water close by to extinguish the blaze? How hot is the air temperature? Humidity? Is there wind?

Where to build a campfire base:

In this section we’ll be exploring where to build a campfire. Is there already a pit or ring available? Look out for tree roots before you dig a pit. What type of soil is there? Are there many tree roots in the ground? Is the ground level?

Preparing the fire wood and setting up the campfire:

In this section we'll uncover the best type of campfire wood to burn. Hint, it's not what most people would guess.

And, we'll uncover a type of wood that should never be burned when camping....or anyplace else for that matter!

There are many different designs used to make a fire. The most common types are tipi, log cabin, hybrid (a combo of the first two) and a lean-to.

I'll also introduce my version of a log cabin design since I find it to be the all-around easiest to build and the one I have had the most success with over many years.

How to build a leave a trace campfire:

Keeping warm on cold evenings while peering into the flames brings joy and excitement. But the next morning only grey and black rocks remain showing a large scar on the ground.

Why not make a fire that leaves no trace at all? In this section we will cover two different ways to build a fire that won’t leave a permanent scar.

We’ll call it: The art of using campfire pans or how to make a mound fire.

How to put out a campfire:

In the final section we’ll take a look at how to put out a campfire. One may think using dirt is best, but it’s not.

Campfires have many uses: Light, warmth, cooking, social activities or protection. After reading these how to make a fire section you can read up on campfire safety.

It won't be long and you'l be ready to roast marshmallows and make smores!

Continue reading more on how to make a campfire at your campsite....

Campfire safety
Some campfire safety basics, finding the ideal location and getting prepared for a campfire.

How to build a campfire
No fire ring? Need to make a fire pit? No problem, here's hot to do that!

Campfire wood
In 5 simple steps: Discover how to build a campfire after preparing some campfire wood.

Mound fires and campfire pans
The art of making a mound fire or using a campfire pan, and not leave a trace.

Putting out a campfire
Take these precautionary steps by putting out a campfire the correct way.

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