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Many camping trips end with a couple of good camping stories. Perhaps you’d like to share yours?

Have a great story? Or, perhaps you even have a great photo to go along with it?

  • Maybe something happened while you were sleeping in your hammock while on a camping trip?
  • Did your kids play a joke on you? Did your dog steal the steak off the grill and you thought it was Yogi Bear?
  • Did you end up buying a winning lotto ticket at the gas station while the flat on your camper was being repaired?
  • Or, did you find a huge gold nugget while panning for gold near your camp?
  • Did you meet anyone interesting while on your last camping trip? Make any friends along the way?

Even if an event happened a long time ago, think back. Maybe reading the posted stories below will jog your memory.

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Have a great camping story you would like to share?

Do you have a great camping story? Share it!

What Other Camping Stories Visitors Have Shared

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Lifetime German Camping Friends 
Many years ago a friend from Switzerland and I were camping in the San Rafael Swell area in Utah. We had driven way out into an area near Last Chance Wash. …

Haunted house Not rated yet
One Friday evening while on a camping trip, my friend and I were strolling though the park when we came across an abandoned house. We had heard rumors …

Smoke on the Water in Wyoming Not rated yet
Every now and then something happens on a camping trip that's very unique and different. Certainly something amazing that is never forgotten. A few years …

Moonshine in Iceland Not rated yet
While camping in Eastern Iceland during a three week trip I stumbled upon a beautiful campground. This particular campground was unique in that most camping …

Hey, that campfire smoke doesn’t smell quite right! Not rated yet
Last fall we were on our way back to Southwestern Colorado from camping at Bryce Canyon, Utah. We were hoping to find a campsite in Capitol Reef National …

When in New Zealand....watch out for Keas!  Not rated yet
A Kea is a bird unique to New Zealand belonging to the parrot family. A matter of fact the Kea is the only alpine parrot in the world. They are extremely …

Safely store your food at night, because. Not rated yet
A few years ago I stayed at one of the huts along the Abel Tasman Trek in New Zealand. Before I had even gotten to the area I heard stories about special …

Why "Swags" are not for me. Not rated yet
Swags, mostly used in Australia are like bedrolls. It’s made of oil-soaked canvas or cloth. It’s a combination of tent, sleeping bag and pad all rolled …

A story from Alaska: How NOT to start a campfire. Not rated yet
While camping near Anchorage Alaska one summer, we encountered a family from Tennessee at a small private campground. It was a cold day with drizzle. While …

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