Haunted house

by Sarah .r. Layne

One Friday evening while on a camping trip, my friend and I were strolling though the park when we came across an abandoned house. We had heard rumors that the house was haunted. My friend Sam dared me to go inside, so after some thought I took the challenge.

As I moved slowly and cautiously towards the door my friend started to calling me a,"scaredy cat", so I moved faster to show I wasn't scared. It was then that I noticed that the house was really scary looking. The windows were broken and there were holes in the roof. The garden was filled with weeds and an old iron swing stood in the corner of the yard. I timidly walked up the broken steps into the porch and knocked on the door where there was a noise inside.

Beads of perspiration formed an my forehead and my heart palpitated rapidly as I opened the door and poked my head inside. Hello! Hello! Is anybody here? As I entered the room, the wooden boards creaked under my feet. Standing inside the door way I felt something run over my feet but to my surprise it was only a cute tiny puppy.

As I followed the puppy further into the house I found myself tangled in terrifying spider webs.The wind blow and the branches of the trees clash together to make a funny sound. Walking up the staircase,the wind blew and a door open in front of me. I entered the room, saw a light panel and flipped the switch and much to my surprise the entire house was lit. Standing there looking around I realized there was nothing to be scared about.The scary house no longer seemed scary and looked like an ordinary house a family once lived in.

I left the house more confident than when I went in and told Sam about my experience inside the house. He then wanted the see the inside too. From then on we were never scared again when we walked past the old abandoned house.

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