Lifetime German Camping Friends

by Mike

Many years ago a friend from Switzerland and I were camping in the San Rafael Swell area in Utah. We had driven way out into an area near Last Chance Wash. We were sitting by the campfire after dark when we could see far off into the distance a large vehicle heading our way on the tiny 4WD path crossing the deep wash at one point. We wondered if he'd make it through the wash in what we could now make out to be an RV.

Well the RV obviously got stuck down in there. Wanting to lend a hand we drove over with our truck and shovels. It was there we met an older couple named Max and Angela from Munich, Germany with their rented RV. Luckily I had taken German in High School since they only spoke broken English. It was their first trip to the USA, to visit all the great National Parks in the Southwest. After encountering a full campground in Capitol Reef they drove on hoping to find a campground elsewhere only to get off course a bit. Seeing our campfire they figured there must be a camping spot. They soon realized it was too late to turn around.

We got them unstuck and once they got their nerves settled they dropped by out campfire with chairs and a cooler full of Budweiser. After being in the hot, dry desert all day they felt that a cold Budweiser was the best thing on the planet. We were up almost all night night telling stories and showing them on the map where to see more great sights.

The next day we parted ways after exchanging addresses. Never had I thought we would end up staying in contact for many years later. They visited the USA a couple more times and I went to stay with them in Germany several times while I was working in Europe. They showed me around the Bavarian Alps, ate at great local Restaurants explored museums and castles.

As Max and Angela got older they were less adventurous but always fun to visit. Eventually Max passed away and Angela moved to a nursing home. I went to visit her one more time before she passed away. Sharp as ever to the end, she still laughed as she recalled
the first time we met in the desert. Those good times shared with Max and Angela will fill my memories forever. Camping is great!

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Mar 28, 2015
Love the story -- friendship
by: HinTheMan

Love the story and the friendship built upon the story afterwards.

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