Moonshine in Iceland

by Mike

Camping in Eastern Iceland

Camping in Eastern Iceland

While camping in Eastern Iceland during a three week trip I stumbled upon a beautiful campground. This particular campground was unique in that most camping places in Iceland have no trees but this one did. Not only that there were beautiful hand built wooden structures all around. One family, camping there, welcomed me to drop by their campfire as it was getting dark. It was lightly raining and getting cold. Once I joined them I was offered a drink. At the time I didn't know what the drink was but it sure tasted good! It tasted very much like a fruit punch. There was a hint of lime, pineapple, grapes and maybe strawberry but no sign of alcohol at all. I was thirsty.....that was my first mistake. Second, they were generously refilling my regularly empty cup. After a long evening of telling stories and discussing cultural differences between our counties, my dizziness told me it was time to stop drinking their fruit punch and crawl into my tent for night. It wasn't until that night I learned my tent could fly, at least it felt like it did. At some point I finally managed to crawl out of my tent by noon the next day. It felt as if my muscles and joints were filled with lead. My head felt so large that my tent felt like a wool cap that fits too tight. I later found out from locals that it was Icelandic moonshine with fruit juice that I drank too much of. The locals call it "landi". Home-made spirits are very common there since the cost of alcohol is very high in Iceland. It was a great time! Just be sure that if you ever go to Iceland, beware of great tasting drinks served by locals.

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