Smoke on the Water in Wyoming

by Mike

Every now and then something happens on a camping trip that's very unique and different. Certainly something amazing that is never forgotten. A few years ago we were on our way to go hike and camp in Teton National Park for an extended weekend. We left Denver early and drove as far as we could which put us in Wyoming on Hwy 287 north of the town of Muddy Gap. To the southwest are the Green Mountains and we saw on the map some campgrounds somewhat far removed from the highway. We drove quite a while on a dirt road to get there. If you look at the map you'll see that it is a remote area in the middle of nowhere. There were a few campers already there, mostly hunters since the hunting season was in full swing in that area. It was one of those places that was unbelievably quiet. After cooking a meal it was time to crawl in the tent for the night. Sometime in the the middle of the night the music started, and, it was loud! We awoke to the song "Smoke on The Water" by Deep Purple. There is always that initial thought of "oh, there goes the peace and quiet," while wondering how long this disturbance was going to last. But the strange thing was that the music was so clear and loud that it sounded really good! There were no other sounds anywhere such shouts from people or such. The 6 minute song came to end....and that was it, no other songs, no noise, no voices, absolutely nothing but dead quiet. As we were laying in the tent all we could say to one another was, "Wow, that was really good!" The song was first recorded in 1972 on the Machine Head album. For those of you not familiar with that song you can look it up on YouTube. It's one of the most famous songs every recorded and was written after a true story. Check it out and enjoy!

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