When in New Zealand....watch out for Keas!

by Mike (TheCampingDetective)

A Kea is a bird unique to New Zealand belonging to the parrot family. A matter of fact the Kea is the only alpine parrot in the world. They are extremely intelligent and curious which is a bad combination when you add in their beak which works as well as an industrial can opener.

I left my spiral notebook on the steps of a mountain hut only for a minute to find the metal spiral was straightened out to a 2 foot length.

A french hiker was less lucky as he left his boots outside the hut to dry in the sun. He later had to search for one of his boots which he found in the forest with the entire sole removed.

Lesson #1: When camping/hiking in NZ....don't leave anything laying around and walk away.

Lesson #2: Don't leave anything laying around anywhere.

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