Outdoor Curry Recipe with Beans and Rice.

This curry recipe is a simple one. Change it anyway you like to satisfy your taste buds. Or, add a little more of this and that to give it some kick.

The possibilities are endless!

This healthy curry recipe is a fast and easy one to make, provided the rice and beans are prepared ahead of time at home! That holds true for all these camping recipes. I usually make these food items ahead of time: Rice, quinoa, beans, even pasta.

Vegetarian Curry, Rice and Bean Recipe....Well I guess I snuck in a piece of chicken there.....

Of course you can always resort to canned foods as well. If any camping trip goes beyond 5-6 days then I have to resort to canned, boxed and more the instant variety sorts once the precooked food runs out.

With this curry recipe it’s easy to make substitutions. For example, instead of rice make some sweet potatoes (yams). As noted in the recipe ingredients: Vary the amount of spice to suit your taste. For me 1 tablespoon of curry is plenty but for others 2 tablespoons or more is better.

The vegetable broth gives the meal more flavor. And, adding those jalapenos will add a little power to the meal on a cold evening.

When you’re out camping don’t worry about being too exact. Don’t have a measuring cup? Use a coffee/tea mug instead. A coffee/tea mug is actually 1 measured cup if filled to just below the rim. (Provided it’s not one of those modern supersized cups. Those are actually exactly 2 cups.) See measuring cups in the camping tips section.

Download your free printable Curry Recipe PDF.

Outdoor Rice and Bean with Curry Recipe.

1 cup – pre cooked rice (Nishiki white rice)

1 cup – pre cooked adzuki beans (From Natural Grocers)
½ - cup vegetable broth (such as Knorr) I used the left over broth from my mushroom recipe. If you don’t happen to have broth just use water, but you may need to add more spices for taste.
1 cup – chopped broccoli (My friend that suggested this recipe uses Cauliflower florets…..umm, I don’t think so.)
1 – large chopped tomato
2 cloves – finely chopped garlic
2 tbsp - Red Thai Curry (Thai Kitchen Brand) You can use any curry, even powdered.
2 tbsp – chopped parsley (cilantro works too, but don’t use too much as it has an overpowering flavor.)
¼ cup – chopped onion
2 tbsp – olive oil
1 tub - sour cream (You can use yogurt instead if you like.)

If you like it hot add some jalapenos for a bit of kick. (Since this recipe may otherwise be boring for some.)

Spices used:
Sea salt & Black pepper

Preparation: (Overall cooking time – about 20-25 minutes)
1 – Heat olive oil in a large Teflon pan over medium heat. Don’t let the oil smoke!

2 – Add the garlic and onions and the chopped broccoli and stir occasionally for 10 minutes or so. You can add the parsley now or at the end. (If using cilantro, add it at the end when serving.)
3 – In a separate pot heat up the broth (or water). Once boiling, add the red curry paste and stir until dissolved.
4 – Pour the curry mixture from the pot, into the frying pan. Stir.
5 – Add the pre-cooked rice and beans to the frying pan. (Add those jalapenos if you like.) Salt and pepper to suit.
6 - On low heat. Cover the pan with a lid and heat contents for 10 minutes.
7 - Stir occasionally with a spatula to mix the contents.
8 – Serve when hot.
9 – If you’re using the cilantro spread that on top. Add the chopped tomato on top and sour cream on the side.

Hope you're hungry! This curry recipe provides a good quantity of food for two!

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