How to Cook Salmon Filet (or Salmon Steak) on a Grill, with Rice and Asparagus.

Prepare a mouth watering meal from this how to cook salmon page.

Just like all the other Outdoor Camping Recipes, you can follow these simple recipes steps while camping or in your kitchen at home.

In this example you can just as easily make Potatoes covered in Butter and Parsley rather than Rice. It's all up to be creative while you're out enjoying nature!

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Outdoor Salmon Filet on a Grill with Rice and Asparagus


1-2 pieces – Wild Caught Salmon Strip (Note: It's much easier to prepare and cook 1 large piece of Salmon and cut to suit after cooking.)
2+ tbsp – chopped parsley
2 tbsp – chopped onion
1-2 cups – pre-cooked rice (I like Nishiki Brand Rice. From the Asian Market or City Market)
10-12 stalks– Asparagus (depending on thickness)

Some “Real” Butter. (I like the Land-O-Lakes unsalted butter)

Note: You’ll need some Reynolds Aluminum Foil for this one. (Reynolds Brand is thicker and does not tear as easily as some other brands.)

Spices used:

Sea-salt and Pepper or just Lemon Pepper.

If you like pesto? Put some on the Salmon before you wrap it up. But, not too much! Pesto can be overpowering.

Salads are optional:

A little bit of olive oil poured over any type salad with a dash of sea-salt is simple to prepare and refreshingly delicious with dinner.

Preparation: (Overall cooking time – about 15 minutes)

1 – Fire up that portable propane camping grill or get a campfire going. (If grilling over a campfire…start earlier and get some good hot coals going. You don’t want flames hitting the foil wrapped Salmon. Then follow the same directions as with the propane grill.)

2 – Preparing the Salmon. Prepare an adequate sized piece of aluminum foil.
- Place Salmon on the foil….skin side down.
- Season the salmon with some sea-salt and/or pepper, if you like (lemon pepper is nice if you have it.)
- Sprinkle some parsley on the salmon.
- Place 1-2 tbsp butter on top of the Salmon.
- Now, fold up the aluminum foil up around the Salmon and roll the foil down to the Salmon to make a seam. Roll up the left over aluminum sides to make a seam there as well.

The how to cook salmon process is the same for salmon filet or steak.

3 – Once the grill is hot. Set flame to low and place the wrapped up Salmon on the grill. (Check the time. It will take 10-15 minutes)

*Meanwhile…. Now is a great time to put some water, (just enough to almost cover the Asparagus) in a frying pan. And, bring it to a boil….once boiling, place the 10-12 sticks of Asparagus in the pan and cover. (This takes about 10 minutes.)

4 - Put 1 tbsp butter and heat in “Teflon” frying pan until melted. Use medium heat or less, don’t burn the butter!

5 - Add onion to the pan. Sautee’ the onions until slightly brown.

6 – Reduce heat to low. Then add the pre-cooked rice to the onions. Stir with a spatula until well mixed with the rice. Add parsley to the rice and onion combination, cover the pan with a lid.

7 – (Check the time, at about 10 minutes.) Check the Salmon while on the grill.
*Maybe you'll see juices dripping from the side of the foil?
*Smell the Salmon?
*Or, maybe hear the sizzling inside the foil?

Any of these scenarios, and the Salmon is probably done. The Salmon shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. (No need to flip it over on the grill if you have good consistent heat.)

Note: After unwrapping the aluminum foil. The Salmon is done when you can see the “white stuff” on the top of the meat. This is the “omega 3 fats”, it’s good for you.

See how easy the how to cook salmon recipe is!

8 – Last minute item: Pour the excess water from frying pan the Asparagus. Put (1) tbsp of butter in the pan with the asparagus, let it melt and slide the contents around to mix the butter and the asparagus. Add a dash of sea-salt on top to suit.

9 – Done! Place the Salmon, Rice & Asparagus on your plate!

Now you’re done with the how to cook salmon recipe and ready to eat! Let us know how it went…..

A quick clean up tip:

To make the clean up process a little easier for later. While the frying pans are still warm, take a paper towel, and carefully wipe out the butter/grease from both pans.

Here at The Camping Detective we hope this how to cook salmon recipe went well.

Our goal is to provide relatively simple but healthy delicious meals you can prepare while camping.


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