Follow these simple steps on how to cook steak, the perfect steak, at your campsite.

I discovered how to cook steak while I was camping my way around Australia for several months. But, not just any steak, the perfect steak!

The thing the Australians did differently was cook everything on a griddle plate over a campfire or stove. The steak and vegetables were prepare together. Onions, tomatoes....

The griddle plate was excellent because the sides where turned up so that the juices would not run off the sides into the flames below. In some places I'd seen simple metal plates being used to cook on. That worked good too.

The overall advantage of this way of cooking is that flames would not hit the steak and burn it. And, that is the secret on how to cook steak....the perfect steak!

Download the PDF and print this How to Cook Steak with Fried Potatoes recipe here.

Here in America, many of the campsite fire pits have a grill (or grate) to cook on. Off to the side there is quite often a griddle. If there is a griddle there, then that's perfect for this "how to cook steak" recipe. Unfortunately these campfire pits are quite often, not level enough.

But, perhaps you have your own griddle or steel plate along?

Sometimes I'll have my small stainless steel plate/griddle along I can place on my portable propane grill or campfire. Perfect!

Perfect Outdoor Rib-eye Steak with Fried Potatoes


1 large or 2 small cuts – Rib-eye Steak or similar (less than 1 inch thick)

1-2 cloves– thinly sliced garlic
2 slices – onion
1-2 cups – pre-cooked, sliced potatoes
olive oil
1 tbsp – butter
Lettuce – the type of your choice

Spices used:

Salt & Pepper (both fresh ground if possible) plus Rosemary (dried or fresh is fine.)


A little bit of olive oil poured over spinach, mache’ or romaine lettuce, with a dash of sea-salt.

Preparation: (Overall cooking time – about 10-12 minutes)

1 – Heat up the portable camping grill or start a campfire. (If grilling over a campfire…start earlier and get some good hot coals going. You don’t want flames hitting the griddle.)

2 - Put (2) tablespoons of olive oil in a small dish. Add the rosemary and garlic to the olive oil. Set it off to the side.

3 – Begin preparing the steak by rubbing both sides of the steak with olive oil. Then, season both sides of the steak with coarsely ground pepper.

4 – Once the griddle is really hot, place the steak on the griddle. 
(Check the time.)

5 - After (2) minutes of searing the steak, grab some tongs, gently turn over the steak. (Don’t splash oil & grease on your clothes.) I know I don't go camping with a cooking apron!

(Looking at the steak, it should have a nice brown color with the pepper stuck to the meat.)

Now add some coarse ground sea-salt to the steak. 
(Check the time.)

By practicing the how to cook steak, the perfect steak recipe....the entire world can be your kitchen!

6 – After another (2) minutes of searing the other side turn over the steak. Take the little mixture of olive oil, rosemary and garlic.

Gently pour that over the steak.

With a fork, spread the mixture evenly over the steak if you need to. (Not too much though! You don't want a lot of that mixture to run onto the griddle.)

7 - Now is a good time to put a little olive oil on the griddle next to the steak. Throw on the sliced onion. Simmer the onions.

Once the onions simmer and begin to smell good, add the sliced pre-cooked potatoes. Stir the onions with the sliced potatoes. Flip with the spatula as needed until the potatoes are hot. Add salt if needed.

8 - After (2+) minutes turn over the steak. Take the remaining mixture of olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Pour and spread that over the steak with the fork.

9 - Turn over the steak one last time. If you like, put a couple pieces of butter on the steak. Once the butter is melted put the steak on a plate. Cut the steak. It should be nice and pink on the inside. (Cooked Medium.)

The onions and potatoes should be done now as well.
(Total cook time, 10-12 minutes)

We hope you enjoyed the how to cook steak, the perfect steak with fried potatoes!

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